Cache Dynamic Choice Lists for Offline Use (Search Appearance)

11-01-2021 02:34 PM
Status: Open
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I'm excited about the many applications of the recently-added ability to create dynamic choice lists using the search appearance. Unfortunately, including a dynamic choice list makes a survey unusable offline; in offline mode, questions with the search appearance have no response options at all. Since all of my users collect field data without reliable connectivity, this means I cannot use the search appearance at all.

It would be fantastic if the field app could cache any dynamic choice lists when a survey is first downloaded so that if the survey is opened in offline mode the cached versions would be used. The caches could be updated any time an instance of the survey is collected when the device has connectivity, or if the survey is manually refreshed.

If caching dynamic lists is impossible, an alternative could be to make questions with the search appearance switch to free text entry when the device is offline. That way, at least a survey with dynamic choice lists would not be completely unusable in offline mode.

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In my mind a simpler approach it would be  - check for online data or 
MMPK, since MMPK have  map Operational Layers and Tables.

Therefore, in theory, one would be able use javascript or search, to those ones implementing the survey it would be easier that way.

If there is any url properties in the MMPK  layers and tables, it shouldn't be that hard.

Many client would beneffit of such aproach.



Our clients have similar requirements to create dynamic choice list for offline use, the scenario is to click a link in Field Maps app to open Survery123 form and pass in some data from Fields Maps to different fields in survey form. If the survey form can convert the passed in data for example "option1,option2,option3" as the choice list for select question then will be fantastic. Or the survey form can support JavaScript generated dynamic array as choice list also will be great.


This is also something my organization would find very useful.


My organization would find this useful as well.


We could use this as well. Offline choice list functionality seems to be available for Quick Capture. I hope that means that it will carry over into Survey123 soon, as well.