Automatically close Survey123 upon completion

06-29-2021 10:58 PM
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Whenever a survey is completed, participants see a friendly message confirming their response has been submitted. I think it would be great to configure whether or not to automatically close the page or tab after the survey has been completed. This could be handy in the app as well as in the browser.

For example, it could be handy for participants to return to the web map or web app they started the survey from, in order to quickly navigate to another location and complete another survey. Or allowing participants to return to the original website they started the survey from. In the last case, we could integrate with other survey applications that do not support maps. It would allow participants to quickly capture information on a map and then return to the original survey application.




In an app this would be fairly easy to do. If using Experience Builder, design your look and feel, have the survey map in that experience, then create a button or trigger to say "Take Survey" this will trigger an action to open a window in the exp with your survey embedded. Once the survey is complete the user then closes the window and can see the results in the map, within the same environment.

What you're also describing is what Collector/Field Maps is designed to do - map driven inspection and data collection. 123 is a different beast. Both always return to the map to then allow the user to move or select next feature.


I have been experimenting with this using callback URLs.  In the apps it is working.

Here is a sample where I launch 123 from Field Maps, pass over some data, then when they hit submit it flips the user back to Field Maps.  You can give it a map ID or I think just leave it off and it flips back to the app I think.  Can also pass data back.


We keep having users skip Field Maps after the first form launch which means blank keys for us.  Hoping this helps that.

No idea if this would work in the browser by giving it http.  It may launch a new page instead of going to the one that was open.  

See more here



@JonathanMcDougall thank you for replying. I understand it would be easy to do. However, we would like to use Survey123 for the general public. Which we would not like to ask to install an app. Nevertheless, I do appreciate your suggestion we could possibly use in the future.

@DougBrowning In addition to my previous remark to Jonathan, callback URL's sound interesting. I will look into that.



We use Survey123 for the public without an app installation, when I mentioned "open a window" this is opening in pop-up window within ExpB, not a branch off directly to 123. So all done "in app".

I've got one ExpB at the moment with 3 surveys in it, no install required - ExpB runs right off a shortcut web link.

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when I add a call back to survey123 (redirect back to field maps on survey submission) the app opens with a Unable to Open Link the referenceContext parameter is required warning. Does anyone know why this is happening? I can see that the survey has submitted successfully but I don't want field workers to think something has gone wrong when this warning appears. I would like Field Maps to re-open where the field worker left off.


Post the full URL you are using so we can see it.  Did they launch from Field Maps to start with?  That was assumed.


It should just flip back to the app like this - Click in Field Maps to launch 123 then on Submit flip back to Field Maps.  No need for anything else since they just came from Field Maps.

Launch 123 with callbacks.gif

Hope that does it

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I am using the following URL:


It looks like you didn't bother putting the item ID of the field map at the end. I removed it from the end of my URL and it seems to be working now.


Correct since I know Field Maps is already open and in the map they were using no need to specify a map.  It seems if you do specify a map then you need the referenceContext and all that.

The following parameters are supported with Field Maps links. If no parameters are passed, tapping the link opens Field Maps (or prompts you to open the app).


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I'm hoping to use the same workflow for another Workforce project with Survey123 integration. Everytime I try to open the assignments layer in Map Viewer Classic I see the following warning:

These layers have configurations that are not supported in Map Viewer Classic. To ensure the best experience, open the web map in Map Viewer.

I dismiss the warning (click the NOT RIGHT NOW button) but am not able to save the assignments layer after I have configured the pop-up. Is there a work around for this?