Autofill address data in Survey123

12-07-2020 02:21 AM
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When pinpointing the location in Survey123, it can be useful to recuperate the alphanumerical address data. In a crowdsourcing project where data is collected from citizens, the address data sometimes needs to be recuperated in a separate field. For citizens it is sometimes seen as confusing and user unfriendly when they have to indicate a location and type the address manually on top of that.

As shown in this screenshot, the "reversely geocoded" address in the geolocator toolbar should be automatically recuperated in a separate alphanumerical text field:


It would be nice if this functionality could be made available in the standard web designer environment.

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I think this functionality is already currently available. If you scroll down to the section titled "Reverse Geocoding" within the webpage listed below, then you will see how to enable this.