Autofill address data in Survey123

12-07-2020 02:21 AM
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When pinpointing the location in Survey123, it can be useful to recuperate the alphanumerical address data. In a crowdsourcing project where data is collected from citizens, the address data sometimes needs to be recuperated in a separate field. For citizens it is sometimes seen as confusing and user unfriendly when they have to indicate a location and type the address manually on top of that.

As shown in this screenshot, the "reversely geocoded" address in the geolocator toolbar should be automatically recuperated in a separate alphanumerical text field:


It would be nice if this functionality could be made available in the standard web designer environment.

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I think this functionality is already currently available. If you scroll down to the section titled "Reverse Geocoding" within the webpage listed below, then you will see how to enable this.



I know this is old but I happened upon this post when googling if reverse geocoding was available in Survey123 web.  Michael, that points to Survey123 Connect and not the web version.  It would be really nice to have the option to add reverse geocoding in the web environment so as not to have to download surveys and modify in Connect for just that one thing.


@hherrmann_coj I believe it is possible to use the reverse geocoding function within a webform. I do not use the webform for my data collection, as most of our work occurs within an "offline" environment without data connectivity. These two articles should help you along the way to using a geocoding service within a webform.

Working with the address question type in the Survey123 web designer (

Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Addresses, and the XLSForm geocode appearance (