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Augmented reality in Esri products - native app or web app

02-06-2020 04:23 AM
Status: Open
Esri Regular Contributor

Dear all,

several users are interested in Augmented reality especially for rendering utility networks in their municipalities (or other hidden objects) and we would like to promote this future of GIS to them. They love to use Collector and Survey and Quick Capture or WAB and they would like to use these apps with the one for Augmented reality.

That´s a really pity that AuGeo development is stopped for now, while other companies like MapBox or Google developing their AR apps. Google also incorporated AR to their navigation. How To Navigate With The AR Mode In Google Maps | Digital Trends, and AR is now also supported in web browsers - like Chrome or Safari (on browser side).

Yes there is a AR functionality in Quartz SDK or AppStudio, but we are getting questions about it form organizations which does not have any developers so we are missing in Esri some AR solution - if not the app itself like, so what about just support AR in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS widget, or as additional functionality to Survey123 for ArcGIS / Collector for ArcGIS / ArcGIS QuickCapture‌?

Many users really love the video from blog - AuGeo: An Augmented Reality mobile app for your GIS data. 

So please Ismael Chivite‌, Dominik Argast‌, please could you reconsider it? 

I am attaching similar Idea focused just on AuGeo - Augmented Reality Application

Thank you,



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Very beneficial tool. Need a standardized designer to make this tool a reality.