allow filtering for create survey from feature service

10-11-2019 09:41 AM
Status: Open
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Occasionally I have the need to create a survey from an existing feature service.  After I hit the New Survey button, I have developed a sense of dread when I prepare to hit the radio button to choose Feature Service.  Our organization has grown so we now have hundreds if not thousands of feature services, so first I have to wait until the list completely populates (which takes about a minute) and then I have to attempt to type into the (unlabeled) text box to filter by name, which takes time because again, so many services to attempt to filter through. The performance of this dialog box needs work.  I'm not going to create a survey from someone else's feature service, so I'd like the option to show only services that are mine (e.g. a My Feature Services button), and/or perhaps in a particular group.


Completely agree, we are a global organisation with thousands of services and I have to wait for 20 minutes if I want to create a survey on a existing feature service. Just a simple button where yo can check you own content would solve everything.

I hope this can be solved very soo.



This is an issue for us - we have tens of thousands of feature service type items in our organization.
Basic functionality that is present in most other ArcGIS products and interfaces.

Logged with Esri Technical Support as ENH-000155016, as well.


This would be an awesome addition to the Connect app.

My organization has this issue as well.  Often to work around it I will put a 0 or A at the start of the feature  service name (ex: "0 Goshawk Observations") so that I can find it more easily.  But that doesn't work for feature services that I cannot change the name of. 

An additional issue we face is that we have so many feature services that only  the first part of the alphabet will even be an option to choose from.  There are over 10,000+ layers.

Thanks for considering this upgrade.