Allow custom map scale as optional parameter for geoshape and geotrace questions in report for Survey123

12-21-2019 01:17 PM
Status: Open
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The idea is to have the same possibilty as for geopoint to add a custom scale when printing the map in the report.

Current situation:

The scale is automatically based on the extent of the feature. This is to make sure that the entire feature is displayed in the map. It is impossible to set a custom scale as for geopoints.


For any extent smaller than few km², which happens most of the time I assume, the scale will be too large to give any information about the location and the surroundings. As a result the map becomes rather unuseful (apart from giving a shape of the feature).


The image below shows an example of geoshape export. From this image, our client cannot have any clue of where this feature is located within the 3'000 km² of the area of study: we lose the spatial information and the science of where.


- Let the user set the scale as an optionnal parameter, but somehow add a warning that the entire feature might not be comprised in the map if the scale is to large. It is therefore to the user to take the responsability to set a custom scale or let it by default.

- Calculate automatically the scale in the report as max("feature extent scale", user-defined scale)

- Add an option to map the centroid of the shape instead of the shape itself (not necessarily the best option, neither the easiest to implement I guess)

Link to the initial thread.

Even though it was probably thought to avoid any unfortunate behavior, I do believe that "preventing" by "restricting" is not the good way here. Let the user the choice to take the risk ! Not much to lose in this case...

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Great Idea!  There are a few scenarios where I would want to tweak/expand the extend of my GeoShape.  Also, as the OP notes  - it would be nice to add a second overview map that shows at a larger scale to give you an overall idea of where the location is.  Some of our survey geoshapes are very small and you don't get a great handle on where they are.  A locus map would be a huge benefit.  

The suggestion of showing the centroid of the geoshape at a larger scale is a great one!