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Add validation by page option to Survey123

11-20-2019 08:13 AM
Status: Open
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I would like the option to have the survey validate fields by page.  This way a user can not get to page 2 until page 1 is correct.

My issue is that a user will skip the line number of page 1 (even though it is required).  Then on page 2 they fill out repeats that inherit the line number from page 1.  When they skip on page 1 all my line numbers in the repeat are blank.  When submitting the user then adds a line number, which makes the repeats orphaned.

Most form programs will not let you go on to page 2 if page 1 is not valid.  I cannot just hide the rest of the form due to the size causing memory issues.


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Would like to add my support for this idea -- would greatly assist in preventing users from having to backtrack when a constraint error is raised upon attempting to submit a survey.


As an update I am now using emojis for instant feedback.  Does not stop them but it helps a lot.

See my how to here

Hope that helps someone


I too would like to add my support for this idea. It would greatly increase the efficiency of our 10+ page surveys. 


Not sure why this hasn't gotten any traction with the developers - "hard" constraints are pretty useless to me if they don't appear until I'm trying to submit. The workarounds are fine but real-time constraints would be better.


I would also request that if this feature were to be implemented that this validation method be made consistent across all methods of accessing a survey form -- whether that's through the Survey123 mobile app or through a desktop or mobile web browser. I found that configuration of constraints was rather tricky to implement when creating a rather long survey form to ensure consistent behavior across all platforms.


I feel like this is a very common requirement and should definitely be included as a functionality when using the page style. I too am surprised it hasn't gained more traction!


I also support this idea of data validation. In addition I would want to be able to enforce validation before a user moves from one field to another. We currently use error messages when values are entered that violate a relevant condition, but it does not prevent users from making that entry.


I also greatly support this idea.  A constraint is nearly useless in a long survey - I've actually quite using them.  Instead we have to use notes and relevant field or similar to warn the user.  Please work on this.


Just reiterating my support for this idea two years on.


2024 and this has not gotten been considered by ESRI yet? 

It is a very crucial fix that would make life easier for users.