Add on/off toggles for submit button and navbar to Web Designer's Layout Element list in Appearances

01-05-2022 06:58 AM
Status: Open
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While the submit button and navigation bar can currently be hidden by using URL parameters, it would be great if this was surfaced more directly and easily in the Web Designer user interface.

There are already on/off toggles under Appearance --> Layout Element for the header, description, and footer. It would be helpful to have toggles there as well for the submit button and navigation bar.

Others have already shared some example use cases as to why one would want to hide the submit button, such as, Suppress Survey123 Form Submit Button.

Our interest here is to improve the user experience of workflows for embedding Survey123 in other sites. For example, embedding a single choice question in a StoryMap being used in education or for training, such as:


(Rules are configured for the first Single-choice question to show whether the user's answer is correct or incorrect using a couple of subsequent Note type questions. As is often desired for self-assessment, this gives the user immediate feedback, perhaps with a hint or link if they are wrong, a chance to answer again, and no need to formally submit an answer to the survey.)

Currently this requires the author to understand how to use Survey123's URL parameters. Adding hide=submit,navbar to their survey's URL does what is needed.

That approach, however, presents a barrier to the typical users who want to author StoryMaps like this with surveys for self-assessment. They are comfortable with figuring out the Web Designer user experience, but not with implementing URL parameters.

If the ability to toggle on/off the navigation bar and submit button were directly available in the Web Designer, then they could simply cut-and-paste their survey's URL and use it as-is, which would allow them to do all of their work within the standard user interfaces of Survey123 and StoryMaps.