Ability to add current survey field values to Thank You Screen

08-12-2019 07:42 AM
Status: Already Offered
New Contributor II

When creating custom Thank You screens, it would be extremely helpful to have the ability to use syntax similar to ${fieldname} to display selected field values that the user just entered, and also the ability to display the results of calculated hidden fields. 

For example, we are hoping to use Survey123 for users to register for an event where the results of the survey (session selected) would auto-calculate a Table Number for the participant to be directed to within the event.  Within the custom Thank You screen, we would like to see something like:

Name: ${Name}

Date: ${DateTime}

Session: ${Session}

Table Number: ${TableNumber}


I second this. For my use case, I was using webhooks to generate a PDF report after a survey was submitted and my plan was to have the user click the link in the thank you screen to retrieve the generated report. But aside from that, having Arcade like expressions and functionality available in the thank you screen would be a great feature!


This would be very useful, maybe even essential for some of our workflows. Right now we are having to calculate and provide a confirmation number to submitters before the survey is sent. It would be useful to be able to provide an object ID or similar.

Status changed to: Already Offered


This feature has been implemented in the latest December 2020 update.


Thanks again for all your feedback.