What's new in ArcGIS Survey123 (December 2020)

12-12-2020 08:13 PM
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We close the year with a web-only update to Survey123. Here is what is new:

Transfer survey ownership


Transferring the ownership of a survey can be error prone as you must take care of multiple things: the form item, its views and sometimes other items such as report templates.  The new Change Owner option in the survey gallery will take care of everything for you.

001 Transfer Ownership.png

The Change Owner dialog lets you select the new owner of the survey and the destination folder. Associated items such as the feature layer, views and report templates, will be automatically transferred. If you do not see the Change Owner option, ask your ArcGIS administrator to grant you permissions to transfer the ownership of items.


Custom ranking scores


The Survey123 October 2020 update introduced ranking questions. This question type lets users sort items in a list in order of preference. If you are not familiar with ranking questions, check out this article.

By default, choices promoted to the top positions get a higher score than those dropped to the bottom of the list. This update allows you to define custom scores when analyzing survey results. For example, you may want to give scores of 10,9 and 8 to the top three elements in the list and a score of 0 (zero) to anything below.   In this way, you better control how the average score is calculated, rewarding choices only when they are in the top three positions.

You can define custom scores on the Analyze tab of your survey as shown below.

004 Survey123 Ranking Custom Scores v2.png


Custom data classifications for numeric questions


On the Analyze tab of your survey, you will find a new option to apply custom data classifications to numeric questions. Choose between equal interval, natural breaks (Jenks), quantile or manual breaks to apply the classification to your bar, pie or column chart.

 005 Survey123 Custom Data Classifications.png


Enhanced support for multilingual surveys


Using Survey123 Connect, you can create multilingual surveys. Find more information about this in our help or in this Learn ArcGIS lesson.  Starting with this update, you can translate some elements that previously could not be translated:

  • Survey title
  • Survey 'thank you' dialog
  • Survey footer link
  • Submit button label text

As shown below, you translate these elements through specially named note questions in your XLSForm. 

006 Survey123 Multilingual Support.png


Dynamic text in Thank You screen


The Thank You screen appears immediately after data is sent from the Survy123 web app. Using a note question as illustrated below, you can define the content of the Thank You screen. Pay attention to the use of ${question} placeholders and HTML tags in the label column.

007 Thank You Screen Custom.png


Copy survey records with custom URL parameters


Custom URL parameters for the Survey123 web app allow you to load content into a survey before it loads. You can also these parameters to edit an existing survey record and to change the style of the survey. In this update we added a new URL mode=copy parameter to help you load an existing record into a survey and create a copy of it. The syntax looks as follows:


If you want to learn more about URL parameters in the Survey123 web app, I suggest you read this blog post or check this help topic.



Bug fixes


  • BUG-000133407 A non-administrative member in ArcGIS Online is unable to view the full results of a survey in the Data tab in survey123.arcgis.com from a survey containing repeats, when the survey is shared to a group or organization.
  • BUG-000133858 When the 'is not blank/is blank' filter is used on an attachment field that is empty, it returns the opposite results in ArcGIS Survey123.
  • ENH-000129567 Dynamically populate portion of submission message based on survey selection.
  • BUG-000135086 Need to remove Extract capability if the owner selects "Only add new records" in Collaborate->Share survey
  • BUG-000135107 An error message is returned refreshing the page twice when encoding a survey manually
  • BUG-000133014 If 'Select Multiple Question' is within a repeat and has 'Appearance of Minimal', the green checkmark does not disappear after attempting to deselect a choice for an added answer in 'Select Multiple Question' when trying to submit an ArcGIS Survey123 survey form in a web browser
  • DE-000004119, BUG-000135177 When publishing surveys with date questions from [dd/mm/yyyy] regions (i.e. Great Britain, Australia), the format in the web app still displays in US standard [m/d/yyyy]
  • BUG-000132654 Viewing is not possible because the globalID parameter was not provided.
  • BUG-000129582 Searching for locations in a Survey123 geopoint question hangs if geosearch has been disabled for the ArcGIS Online geocode services in Portal for ArcGIS.
  • DE-000004116 BUG-000135295 Survey123 fails to authenticate tokens when the referrer is https://www.arcgis.com.
    BUG-000133907 ArcGIS Survey123 feature reports do not contain attachments after a certain OID.


Next steps


The next release of Survey123 is planned for early 2021. We will update the Survey123 field app across all supported platforms as well as Connect and the Survey123 website.  The beta version of our next update is already available for the Survey123 Early Adopter Community. We have some very juicy new features and enhancements in there. I encourage you to give them a try!