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[Last updated October 17, 2019]

On occasion, you may need to add a signature question into your smart form. You can easily add signature questions from Survey123 Designer and Survey123 Connect and use them from the Survey123 field and web apps. Signatures are stored as image attachments in ArcGIS, so you can later display them in other applications or your own Feature Reports.

Adding a signature question from the Survey123 designer

Drag and drop...

Adding a signature question from Survey123 Connect

You can turn an image question into a signature pad using the signature appearance, as shown in the XLSForm below. Optionally, you can control the size of the signature question by using the body::esri:style column.  The units for the height are by default expressed in lines, but you can also use a percentage of the screen.

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Is there a way to control the size of the box?

What I really need is a place for field inspectors to draw a small sketch. (Photos are great but are not always possible.) The signature box is formatted for what I need to accomplish, but it would be great to have the option to click on that "question" and have the box expand to a full or half screen of the tablet for drawing. This is a functionality that I would love to see added.

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Hi Ariana,

this functionality is planned although we do not have a milestone assigned for this at the moment.

Feel free to add a +1 to this issue: Signature Box Expansion to Sketch Box · Issue #168 · Esri/Survey123Community · GitHub   and reference this discussion thread.



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I am very interested in this capability. It seems this has been on radar for quite some time. Is there any plan when this might be implemented?

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Hi Jarom Hlebasko. Yes, this is planned.

  • First, we would like to enable sketching on a white canvas, kind of like expanding the existing signature experience into a larger drawing area and adding some additional options to change the ink color.
  • We are also looking at allowing the survey author to predefine a default background image in the canvas, so people can annotate on top of a diagram or photo for example.
  • Finally, we are also considering allowing the configuration of the sketch widget in the survey so the sketches can be applied on top of a photo the field user may take.

This is one of these fun projects that unfortunately we had to push back so we could address other not to exciting but important features.

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The 3 items you listed are exactly what I am trying to do Ismael - freelance sketching, sketching on diagrams and photo notes.  Some what similar to what one can do on Explorer.

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Is there a way to get the signature box to work in the web app?

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HI Rachel. Not at the moment. Signatures only work in the mobile app.

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I am noticing that the signatures are being cropped when they are stored as JPG. See the screenshot from viewing the signature in the Survey123 website:


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I am having the same problem when I enter a signature on my iPhone. Only a very small portion of the signature in the signature box appears in the jpeg image. ichivite-esristaff

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Hello, is this functionality implemented already or is in development process? Thanks.

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Hi Roger,

This was introduced in v. 2.4- use either the draw or annotate appearance on an image question.  See Appearance—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS for more information

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Is there a way to export signatures as a .jpg or .png file, when you go to export the data from the survey? I noticed it seems to only export all other fields but files/attachments in the zip file. Thanks!

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Hi Matthew,

Signatures are stored as attachments - they can be extracted once exported as a file geodatabase.  How To: Batch export attachments from a feature class provides instructions on doing this.

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We are having trouble getting our signatures on a survey to export into our report. The feature services we are calling from are on a server rather than stored on AGOL. This seems to be a recurring issue, are there any solutions to this? I have constructed a pretty large report that all works except for the signature. I am going to have to go through web app builder is I cannot get this signature to generate.

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Hi Wesley Collins‌  This is a known limitation in ArcGIS Enterprise. Refer to (Enterprise section) for details.  We have an official Enhancement Request logged for this under the ArcGIS Enterprise product. You can ask Esri Technical Support to add your customer number to this ENH to help raise priority.

ENH-000125371 Support keyword attachment columns into ArcGIS Enterprise so that survey photo attachments can be printed when generating reports from an ArcGIS Enterprise feature service.
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Thank you for the reply Ismael

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Is this still the case?  Have a customer who wants to do a signature in the web browser while filling out a survey.