Minor update to Survey123 available (July 31, 2018)

07-31-2018 04:18 PM
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[Published: July 31st, 2018]

[Updated: August 2, 2018]

We are happy to announce a new update to the Survey123 Website, Survey123 Connect and the Field App. This release includes a handful of important fixes. 

Survey123 Web Designer

Fixes to Survey123 Web Designer have been applied and you do not need to do anything on your end to take advantage of them.

  • BUG-000115501: Unable to publish a survey if it contains a relevant rule and related field name has been updated in Modify Schema: This issue was introduced in version 3.0 as described here: Survey 123 publishing error message . Now addressed.
  • Questions are not shown in the right order in Web Designer after manually shifting question order: Now addressed.
  • Duplicated basemap entries in the basemap selector of the geopoint question. Addressed.
  • BUG-000115631 When the ArcGIS Online Organization language is set to Spanish, the Data tab of a survey on the survey123 website will be blank. Addressed.
  • BUG-000115313 The Survey123 Website does not generate feature layers with SupportsApplyEditsWithGlobalIds=true when publishing against ArcGIS Enterprise. Addressed

Survey123 Feature Report Service (Beta)

Fixes to the Survey123 Feature Report Service have been applied and you do not need to do anything on your end to take advantage of them.

  • BUG-000115108: Generating reports that contain attachments added outside of Survey123: Some of you have reported that the Report Service in Survey123 will fail to generate a document if the feature contains image attachments added from Collector for ArcGIS, Web AppBuilder, ArcGIS Pro etc. With this update, the document will be generated, although the attachment will be ignored.  To understand this behavior, it is important to describe how image attachments are added into reports. In Survey123, when a new image question is added it is mandatory to select a question identifier. For example: PhotoIssue, or PhotoCarBack, InspectorSignature etc.  This identifier is used to properly place the photo, sketch or signature in your report.  Survey123 is the only app in ArcGIS that lets you tag attachments this way.  Since attachments submitted from other apps are not tagged, you cannot reference your attachments in the report template. So again, with this update the document generation process will no longer fail, although the attachment will be missing. Until other apps in the ArcGIS platform are able to tag attachments, the Survey123 report service will not be able to include photos from other apps in the report.
  • Generating reports against data in ArcGIS Enterprise: This issue is a variation of the previous one where the Report Service was failing against surveys in ArcGIS Enterprise containing attachments. With this update the Report Generation will not fail, although the attachments will be missing because image tagging is not available yet in ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • Handling large images. The Feature Report service is now more tolerant to large images (panorama photos for example).
  • Handling repeats with no records: With this update, the Report Service will not fail if your survey includes a repeat with zero records.

Survey123 Field App

The new build of the Survey123 field app is now 3.0.134 and it is available for download from the Google Play, Amazon and Apple app stores. If you use the Survey123 Field App on Windows, Mac or Ubuntu, you can download the latest from our Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Download page.

  • BUG-000108408, BUG-000114360, BUG-000114216  These 3 issues are related and affect all of you who want to submit attachments while disabling or limiting query capabilities in the Survey123 feature layer. This is useful when your survey contains sensitive information and you want to block queries on the data while allowing users to submit. The problem is discussed at Cannot attach images in Public Survey , Bug when submitting survey , Problem with public survey. The cause of this problem is an ArcGIS Online feature service defect, plus an issue in the Survey123 app that was failing to report the underlying problem in the ArcGIS Online feature service. With this update, the Survey123 field app will properly report the submit error through a dialog. ArcGIS Online, as of August 2, also addresses the feature service problem. We are actively working with the ArcGIS Online team to get the feature service problem addressed as soon as possible (potentially August 2 or August 3). This will complete the fix.  In the meantime, please refer to this Esri Technical Article describing how to configure your feature layer Bug: Unable to add images to a survey in Survey123 for ArcGIS

Please note that submitting attachments against feature layers with restricted query capabilities is still not possible from the Survey123 Web App. This update fixes the problem int the Survey123 native app, but we still have a fix pending for Web Forms. The team is actively working on this fix with a goal of releasing a fix around the end of August 2018.

Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS (Build 3.0.128)

The new build for Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS is now 3.0.128 and it is available from our Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Download page. You will need to uninstall previous versions of Survey123 Connect in your computer before you can install 3.0.128.

  • BUG-000115491 Survey123 Connect Sign In button is sometimes broken when Windows Credential Manager has the credentials stored.   This BUG was introduced in version 3.0, causing login issues into both Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 Field app in some environments. Thanks to all who reported this problem and helped us find its source.Survey123 Connect sign in issue , Can't Sign In with Survey123 

For an archive of all new features added in Survey123 releases, visit our What is New Help Topic.

We are currently working on another focused fixes-only-update for release in August 2018.

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