Getting Started with Survey123 and Integromat

06-01-2019 06:34 PM
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Integromat is a powerful tool for automating manual processes. With Integromat, you can easily connect Survey123 with many other apps and services. For example, you can configure a scenario in Integromat to perform an action immediately after data is submitted or edited via a Survey123 smart form: send an e-mail or an sms, copy the data into a spreadsheet or database, create an assignment in Workforce for ArcGIS or simply perform a reverse geocode to associate that address with the record that was just submitted.

Integromat includes well over 300 different out of the box 'integrations' (and growing), which you can combine visually in scenarios to automate specific tasks. You will find integrations for everything ranging from Office365 to Box, PayPal, SQLServer, Google Calendar, Apple Push Notifications, InvoiceNinja, Instagram, Google Cloud Print, and of course, Survey123 for ArcGIS!

The basics, in four minutes

To get started with Survey123 and Integromat I strongly suggest you watch this four minute video-tutorial. It will give you a good overview of the whole thing, plus enough detail to follow along and build your first Integromat scenario.

You can create a free Integromat account to test the waters. Note that for production use you may want to upgrade to a paid subscription plan. There are multiple options, with increasing levels of support, operations, data transfer, etc.

Get a kick-start with a template

Also for starters, you can go with the different templates we have created. With them, you can automate common tasks with minimum effort. If you find a template that fits what  you want to do, you can create a scenario out of it with a simple click. Integromat will guide you, step by step, so you can configure the template with your own Survey123 smart forms and other apps as appropriate.

Integromat Survey123 Templates

Once you bring a template into your own scenario, you can also extend it to do even more...

One hour for more details

Derek Law and Brandon Armstrong recently delivered a free Live Training Seminar focused on automating e-mail notifications.  This seminar was recorded and features Integromat. This is good material as well if you are getting started.  You will need to sign in with your Esri credentials to access the recording.

Automating e-mail notifications with Survey123 Live Training Seminar

Integromat Help Center

To get the best of Survey123 and Integromat you need to know them both. As you work with Integromat and Survey123 you will realize soon that this is more than just about sending an e-mail notification when survey data is submitted.   Integromat is actually a very powerful visual environment where you can model common business workflows. Integromat is also more than 300 out of the box integrations. It includes quite flexible options to control the flow of data and decisions within a scenario, with iterators, routers, filters and error handlers.  You can also configure your scenarios to execute at regular intervals and perform operations in bulk. 

What I like the most about Integromat is that it makes it possible to do lots of things for which in the past you would need programming skills. This makes more people, more productive. Having said this, if you have developer skills you will also be impressed with all the things you can do.  The more  you know, the better.

Spend some time roaming around the Integromat Help Center. Check out their video-tutorials and technical articles to learn new techniques. It will pay off!

Once you get on the basics, check out the blog post for additional info!

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Is there a formula that can be used when utilizing Integromat to send an email that pulls the label value, not the name value, from the choices tab in the spreadsheet for Survey123 Connect? For example, the instance_name field on the Settings tab of a spreadsheet can utilize a formula to extract the label, not the name, and display this in the Inbox.

In the image above, the Inbox of a Survey will display the Code Officer's actual name, not their "dumb" name as stored in the database, listed in the 'name' field of the spreadsheet.

This is what I've currently put together using the Office 365 Email trigger:

The field values for 'Codes Officer' and 'Type of Violation' being sent in an email are displaying values that are unintelligible. Is there an evaluator that pulls the label instead of the name?

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This post mentions that you can use Integromat with Workforce, but I cannot find anything about it online. Are you just saying that you can assign your Workforce feature service to a Survey123 form and make it so a new row is created in Workforce when filling out a survey form? Thank you.

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Joshua Van Buskirk‌ Yes. That is right.  You can create new workforce assignments from a Survey123 form.  The Workforce and Survey123: Creating assignments in the field blog post from Kylie Donia describes that in more detail.  Additionally, you can also automate workforce assignment creation from Integromat by using the http module to insert a new row into the assignments layer in Workforce. Check the blog post to learn a bit more about the http module in Integromat.

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I'm am interested in knowing if it's possible to generate a summary report (merge-continuous) using Integromat? I haven't had too much luck accomplishing this so far. I know that you can comma separate Object IDs, which will create a summary report and separate individual reports, but is there a way to process all of the submissions each day and generate a summary report?




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My values are coded in the form since they're used for calculations. Is there a way to display the label in the body instead of its name?

Has anybody also configured their email body lately? It seems like Integromat had an update, and it's no longer honoring my html formatting in the body. 

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Hi Patricia.

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Hi Ismael,

Thanks a lot! I'll be good to make all these work. Awesome

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Any updates on how to get the label pulled instead of the name?

by Anonymous User
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I have recently implemented this workflow and it is working great, but my report template output filenames are pre-pended with "UTF-8". How can I prevent this from happening? Also, is there a way to format the survey date when it's added as a variable to the output filename? Thanks.

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Hi John.  When you attach the report to the email, use the Map option instead of getting the File directly. As shown below. Note that the Data parameter is configured to get the file from the output of the Survey123 Create Report module, but the File name is custom built. Make sure you add the extension of your file as appropriate. You can use any formatting expressions from Integromat in this way, including date formatting expressions.

by Anonymous User
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Hi Ismael Chivite, Thank you for your suggestion. I configured the Map function as you suggested on my OneDrive and Mail modules:

I was able to format the date in the filename, but my output filename in OneDrive and the filename in the  attachment of the email message still contains the UTF-8 prefix:

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

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Hi John Donoghue‌,

Can you please share in which browser and the version you observed the UTF-8 prefix issue? If it's not Chrome, would you mind trying Chrome to see if the issue still exists?

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Has this been resolved? I am having the same issue with every PDF having the "UTF-8" prefix. For some reason, whenever I select the Map option, save and close, it defaults back to the HTTP option. So then I tried this:

But I my file name STILL contains UTF-8". I am using Chrome.



by Anonymous User
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Hi ZWang-esristaff  I am also using Chrome. Thank you for looking into this.

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Maria Torres @ Esri figured it out! The trick is to make sure your Content Type is "HTML." 

When you select "Edit an attachment" choose "Map" and then add the file name with ".pdf" at the end as shown below. It worked for me!

This should do the trick!


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Adelaide Zumwalt‌, thank you. Your suggestion seems to work for adding an attachment for an email message. However, I want to upload the Feature Report to OneDrive and I don't see options for setting the content type in the OneDrive for Business Integromat module. Any ideas?

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Has this been resolved? Having the same issue whereby UTF-8" add to the start of the file name when uploading the pdf to one drive. I am using chrome and have tried the map file type rather than html.



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Hi @IsmaelChivite @JamesTedrick 


I have some issues trying to set up my Scenario with #Survey123 in way to create a report flow. I need to set up two options, for ADD and EDIT (Update records). Regarding with a ESRI blog, it's important to set up a filter router. If I only set up the scenario for ADD, it works perfect, but not for EDIT.

Maybe any advice on how to deal with this problem? 


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@MauricioGiraldo this is just a guess, but have you tried placing a "router" before the two branches of your scenario and then add a filter to each of the two branches for "add" and "edit"?

For example, below you could apply a filter in between the router and the top HTTP for the "add" data event scenario. Then you could apply a separate filter in between the router and the bottom HTTP for the "edit" data event scenario. I would set both filters to only allow the scenario branches to continue if the filter passes a "true" result for each filter. Event Type = addData or Event Type = editData.

Here is a separate blog that talks about the use of a filter with the Event Type -







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Hola, buenas noches!

Soy nueva en utilizar integromat pero quiero empezar a utilizarlo para mis soluciones, por lo que tengo varias interrogantes, pero en esta ocasión expongo una en particular.

Quisiera saber si es posible que desde una tabla excel de agreguen datos a una capa de entidades alojada?. 

Los pasos que estoy haciendo para obtener una capa de entidades alojada que me nutra un tablero de gestión es la siguiente:

1. En la primera estación de trabajo se debe llenar un formulario.

2. Este formulario va llenando una tabla excel la cual la revisa otra estación de trabajo. En esta estación se llenan otros campos de la tabla. 

(Los pasos 1 y 2 ya los realice en integromat)

3. Todos los datos de la tabla excel deben actualizar una capa de entidades alojada, la cual me va nutrir el tablero de gestión. Es en este paso que estoy trancada ya que no se como hacerlo.

Si alguien me puede ayudar, lo agradecería mucho.

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@RobertBowers  This is an old post, but I thought I would share my solution in case someone else runs into the same issue.

I was able to remove the 'UTF-8' prefix from file names in OneDrive by using the 'Make a Request' HTTP action instead of the 'Get a File' action. 


Here's how I have the HTTP and OneDrive modules set up:




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Throwing my experiences in here in case it helps anyone. 

1. I have surveys that feed our Workforce projects. When the public or our dispatchers submit a survey, emails get generated to the appropriate people

2. A good example of attachment setup is our special events scenario, where multiple modules can provide attachments and we need to get those into one email


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I am working on a long term data collection project.  I have the Survey123 form created and have almost everything I need in integromat created.  Part of this project is the form and images from form need to go into their own folders.  I used integromat to create a folder to google drive.  I have checked google drive and the new folder is located where it should be.  The problem I am having is after the survey form has been converted to pdf I try to send the pdf to the new folder I created.  I am now having file not found errors.




Seeing if anyone knows how I should label my New folder location