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What kind of web content is supported to embed in a collection?

12-01-2021 05:28 AM
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I tried to add a web page to my collection using embed, but I get an This content isn’t supported error.

Tried a different web page and it worked.

I also tried embedding the first web page within a StoryMap, and that gave me a card with a link to the page. When I tried the second web page within a StoryMap it shows displays as interactive content.

I assume pages that only can be "embedded" cards won't be possible to embed in a collection. But my question is how do I know wich web pages that can be embedded (for real not just as links/cards)? Is there any documentation on this?

If I for example could be able to influence the content of a web page, how would I make it embeddable?

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Esri Notable Contributor

A web page must meet certain security requirements to be embedded in a collection or shown as a live embed in a story. For example, it must support https and allow embedding via the correct CORS headers, such as Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

We're working on some documentation on this that we'll try to make available early in 2022.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Thanks, it would be great with documentation so we know what we have to comply with.

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