Unable to edit draft StoryMap - generic error message - urgent

11-04-2022 06:05 AM
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I have been building a draft StoryMap this week.

Yesterday it was all working fine (on latest Firefox on Windows 10).

Today is my deadline for a first draft. I click on "edit" on the MyStories page, and although I briefly glimpse my story, I then get the following error:

Hmm... there seems to be an issue

There was a problem accessing this story or this page. Please try again or contact your ArcGIS administrator.


I have tried again multiple times. I don't have an "ArcGIS administrator" as far as I know.

I am logged in via an institutional license (university Single Sign On).

I found a similar message on this forum from many months ago that described a cache-related issue, but I don't really understand (a) what it means or (b) what I can do about it.

I need to access the StoryMap urgently. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks


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Hello James,

Can you check on the permissions for the content included in your story to see if the sharing level had changed on the story, or on any maps/layers/items included within the story?

Are you still able to view the item in your AGOL Organization Content page?

I know you were running into this issue last week, but let me know if this error is still occurring for you.