Set express map extent on the fly when using a custom basemap?

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01-04-2022 03:34 PM
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My agency has a suite of custom basemaps that cover the whole globe. It would be great if they functioned in express maps just as any of the Esri-supplied baselayers, where you can specify the extent as you create the express map. Is this possible? Is there already a way to use our basemaps as such for StoryMapping purposes (they are already set as basemap options in our AGOL Web Mapping interface), without creating webmaps from them first, where the extent is limited by the webmap extent? Or do we need to create a new webmap every time we create a new express map in order to specify our desired extent (which would kind of defeat the purpose of an express map)? Or is using the express map interface to specify the extent on a custom web map a feature that could be added?

Thank you!

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It's working....thank you!!