"Click anywhere to Interact"

01-21-2020 07:46 AM
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I have created a "new' ArcGIS Story map and embedded 4 maps as "older" story map applications (Story Map Basic) into it.  While scrolling through the story map the embedded maps work, the way to interact with the map is says "Click anywhere to Interact."  Is there a way to change the language "Click anywhere to Interact?"  This statement is clearly the default, and I see no place to change this statement, I thought ESRI should make this an option.  It would be great if you could change this default!

Thanks for any comments in advance, Joe

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Thanks Joseph -- Thanks for your feedback. We agree with you, and we are looking into additional options for interactivity settings for a future release.

Would you just want the option to customize that message or are there other options related to interactivity you'd like to have? Please let us know so we can consider any other suggestions you have.



Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Thanks for the quick response Owen!

The reason I am not a fan of "click anywhere to interact" is the maps I have published, the only function is to zoom in/out, not to interact with the data.  I have uploaded these maps as a visualization and not exploratory, so saying "interact" could be confusing to some individuals, since the only option of the map is to zoom and change the extent.   Having a customizable message or just a few choices for a message is all I am looking for.  


I have received this feedback from my team along with just the map interaction in general.  It can be slightly confusing to start interacting with applications and then figuring out how to stop interacting. I constantly overlook individuals who are less experienced  with interactive application on AGOL, so it is hard for me to relate to this issue. 

Possibly drawing more attention to the stop interaction button might also be something ESRI wants to look at.  

Hope this helps, Joe