How to embed an AGO or Flickr hosted photo at large size?

01-26-2020 07:03 PM
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Hi there,

I would like to allow users to pinch and zoom in on an image and have it render it clearly for them while they are zoomed in—something that currently seems only possible with images that are embedded with a web link rather than uploaded to Story Maps. Maybe this will change with Monday night's update?!  In the meantime, I am trying to do this with ArcGIS Online or Flickr. 

Embedding photos with AGO or Flickr seems to work great for the "small" or "float" image display options in Story Maps. But I have a few images I would like to embed in my Story Map at the large (full screen width) size. The photo is 2000px wide, but when I embed the AGO or Flickr link into my story map, the "medium" and "large" display options are greyed out—and when I hover over them they say the image needs to be at least 1200 or 1920px wide. The only explanation I can think of is that they are linking to a smaller version of the photo. So I tried using an embed code instead—with the iframe code generated by Flickr for "original size" which is 2000px wide and 1305px high—but when I try to embed it in my story map, I get an error message saying "Sorry! There was a problem embedding the website."

I also tried editing the embed code to have a width of 100% rather than 2000px and got the same error message. Same issues with trying to embed from AGO and Flickr.

I read Owen's blog post about common embed issues and none of them seems to apply here. All the links I'm trying are https and the photos are all set to public sharing. 

I would love any tips on how to embed a full-size photo from a website.

Thank you all!

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