Publish a Story Map in the same gallery from different accounts

12-13-2022 02:29 AM
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Hello, within the same organization we have different accounts, managed by different people and with different roles (i.e. user and facilitator). We would like to publish the Story Maps made from different accounts within the same Gallery, which is managed and firstly published by one facilitator account. Is this possible? If not, how can we publish different Story Maps made from different accounts in the same Gallery?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi @GiuliaMattion

At the minute, posting your stories into the same My Stories page is not possible, though you do have a couple other options as workarounds within that StoryMaps home page, as well as on other ArcGIS products:

  • You can share each of these stories to a group, which then can have all stories shared with groups the user is a part of appear on the My Groups tab: 


  • This could also be done by sharing to the organization level and using the My Organization tab, if all users within the organization would be looking to see all stories within the organization.

You also mentioned having a review process between a user and facilitator. This could be done by having a user share their story to a "facilitator" group, where the facilitator reviews the stories in this group and, once approved, shares to a "Gallery" group. This Gallery group could either be filtered on the Organization page (screen shot below), or the group could be referenced in another site, like ArcGIS Hub. That part would depend on where you are looking for these users to access this gallery.



If you are looking for that reviewer process in a different fashion, I would recommend posting on the ArcGIS StoryMaps Ideas page to suggest this added functionality for future releases.

Thank you,