The possibility of adding a small "add image" in the corners of image/map in sidecar

06-22-2023 12:27 AM
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I work alot with ArcGIS Online and StoryMap and use many different public wms layers for each new location I find. Due to the amount of layers I use adding the map 10-15 times in a story with different layers makes it very slow and crashes (I get the "out of memory" error code). The workaround this problem is currently just screenshotting the map and adding it to the story as a picture, which leads me to posting this.

I really wish there was an option for adding an image in the main image in the sidecar.  A smaller slot in the left corner so that it is possible to upload a legend manually. As things are now I have to add the photo of the legend in the text, which makes it a bit messy.

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Hello and thanks for sharing this idea!

Are you able to share a link to one of your stories? It sounds like you may not be following some basic storytelling best practices, so the community might have some recommendations on how to tell your story differently to avoid some of the challenges you are encountering and at the same time better communicate the information to your readers.

I would also recommend that you review the FAQ to understand a bit more about the recommended number of layers to have in a map. It should not be a problem to have many maps to a story; however, it is important to not have too many layers in any of your maps. Even layers that are turned off consume memory, and it is also likely overwhelming for your readers to have to interpret such a complicated map (with or without a legend).

Frequently asked questions—ArcGIS StoryMaps | Documentation