Textured background and more font choices

11-25-2020 06:23 AM
Status: Implemented
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I would like the ability to set an image as the background of my story map (i.e. a repeating pattern to add some texture) and the option to import custom fonts to keep in line with company website/branding. In the past, the company that I work for has used sway to create a page highlighting GIS projects from the past year. This year I would like to use story maps because it integrates well with the ESRI products that we use. The limited themes, ability to select from only a dozen or so fonts, and colour choices limits the creative process. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@SarahHartholt -- Thanks for adding this idea. We are looking at a few ways to add more options to the font choices in theme builder and it would be very helpful to know which fonts you are interested in using. Could you please share a list of the fonts that you'd like to utilize in a theme?

I've also passed your idea for a repeating background image on to our design team for consideration.


Thanks @OwenGeo ! I would like to be able to use the roboto slab & museo font families.


@OwenGeo - Roboto (non-slab) as well!

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Setting the status to "Under consideration" since there are two ideas mentioned in this thread.

  • More font choices are in the product plan
  • Additional backgrounds are under consideration 

The ability to use over 1000 open source fonts from Google Fonts was added in February 2021. For more information see What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (February 2021) (esri.com)

Status changed to: Implemented

@SarahHartholt -- I've marked this idea as implemented since more font choices have been added.

If you are still interested in additional background options, please create a new idea for that request so others can vote for it.