Storymap Shortlist enhancements

05-12-2017 06:41 AM
Status: Closed
Occasional Contributor III

The Shortlist story map is a great template, but it would be fantastic if it could incorporate the following:

  1. Enable Iphone/IoS users to click on more details for each map entry, without it automatically scrolling forward to the next entry in the list.
  2. Allow the banner to be customised (for example with a jpg).
  3. Enhance the stability - sometimes entries seem to be deleted at random.
  4. Provide a CSV template for ease of uploading new content.

Many thanks, 



Hi Helen

Any chance you could submit separate ideas for each of these?  1 and 3 should be fixed now (in our September release). For CSV upload, did you see: Frequently Asked Questions | Story Maps 


Status changed to: Closed

The classic Esri Story Maps templates are in extended support (read more) and are no longer being updated with new capabilities and features. We recommend using ArcGIS StoryMaps for all storytelling projects.

If your idea is not implemented in ArcGIS StoryMaps and you would like to request it be considered for a future release, please submit a new idea with the details of your request and how it would be useful to you and your organization.