Show Time Slider for Audio Hosted in Cascade Story Maps Instead of ¨Live Broadcast¨ on Mobile

02-18-2020 02:05 PM
Status: Closed
by Anonymous User
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When viewed in a mobile browser, audio uploaded and hosted on esri servers is interpreted as a ¨Live Broadcast¨ instead of as a discrete recording that can be play, paused, and scrubbed. Meanwhile, audio hosted on other third party sites is interpreted as a discrete recording as it should be.

For example, the top audio file is hosted by esri, while the bottom is hosted by a third party:


This idea is to suggest that audio hosted by esri for use in Cascade story maps be changed so that it is interpreted as a normal recording, not a live broadcast. 


  • I have noticed this behavior on iOS and android mobile devices (specifically iPhone 6s, iPad Pro) on both Safari and Chrome. This behavior does not occur on any desktop browsers that I have noticed.
  • On top of the look and user experience issue presented by having audio interpreted as a live broadcast, it presents playback issues as well. Sometimes the audio does not play all the way through, other times it does not play at all, and other times it plays fine.
  • I currently have a case open to address playback issues and we have discovered that the issues arise from how esri's servers serve out the audio such that mobile browsers interpret them as live broadcasts, which somehow affects caching of the audio files that results in playback being interrupted or not working all-together. 
  • If you would like to test this for yourself, here is a link to a dummy story map I'm using to test. I'd love to hear if you can replicate the issue in the comments.


by Anonymous User

As a temporary workaround, our organization is hosting the audio on our own servers to ensure it works on mobile.

The drawbacks of this workaround include increased setup time for new tours, decreased sense of ownership for the people who create the tours because they now have to go through our GIS department every time they want to add or edit audio, and increased workload for our GIS staff members who have to coordinate hosting this audio.

We are looking forward to the implementation of this idea so that we no longer have to use this workaround.


This is currently a technical limitation that affects Mac/iOS devices. We will continue to look for ways to address this issue in the future, but currently there is no viable solution.

by Anonymous User

Thanks for the response Owen! I'm glad to hear Esri knows about the issue and will be looking out for a solution when there is a viable one.

Status changed to: Closed

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