Provide better messaging about the different story map products on the website

06-15-2022 10:40 AM
Status: Open
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Please put messaging on the pricing and sign-in pages of the website to help people navigate the difference between and ArcGIS StoryMaps. (For example: "Part of an organization (university, non-profit, or K-12 school)? [link to information about ArcGIS StoryMaps])

I work at an academic institution supporting classrooms and research. We have already had several cases where students started projects in, not realizing that there was an entirely separate product available through the university. While we can send messages trying to explain the difference to staff/faculty/students who are already working with ESRI products, we have no way to reach folks who have heard about story maps from an external source and are exploring for the first time. The difference between the two platforms is discussed in the FAQs, but new users are unlikely to find this information since they have no reason to know that a separate product exists.

It's heartbreaking to tell people that there is no way to transfer their work and that they will have to completely rebuild. Having a message on the pricing and sign-in pages could prevent some of this confusion.