Options to change text and hide 'Collection' header and 'Get started' button in collection

05-21-2021 02:39 AM
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'Collection' header text and 'Get started' button are not customizable features in the Collection builder. 

We would like options to hide them or change the text in them, because they use the browser language setting and it doesn't always match the collection language.

See this example:

Collection in Portuguese with browser language set to EnglishCollection in Portuguese with browser language set to English


@AGP -- We are considering some additional customization options for collections such as the ones you've mentioned.

The particular problem you describe will also be addressed when we make the language settings we've already added for stories available for collections. We hope to have that work completed in a few months.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@AGP -- As a workaround, you can use a URL parameter if you need to force those pieces of text to appear a particular language, like this:


XX is the 2-digit ISO language code, so you'd use locale=pt for Portuguese.

This isn't a perfect solution since it might not get copied or shared to others with the URL parameter, but you can at least use it in places where you control the URL.

Also note that sometimes words are treated as product names and not translated by our internationalization specialists, so "Collection" actually appears the same in English and Portuguese.


Closing this idea since it is a duplicate of the idea below, which has 5 kudos/votes:

Customize "Get Started" button in Collections - Esri Community

Status changed to: Closed