Increase spacing between bullets

01-25-2021 05:32 AM
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Is there something in the product plan to have the ability to increase spacing between bulleted items? I have been asked by several colleagues when building story maps to increase spacing between bulleted items. A workaround for this is instead of hitting the return key to continue the list I make a new text block and add the bullet. I must do this line by line. As you can imagine this can become very time consuming when you have long lists.


Here is an example of what I am talking about. The first three bullets are creating as one text block hitting return after each item. The next three are created by adding a new text block for each item. Visually this looks more appealing.



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@BryanHemmer -- Thanks for posting this suggestion. We have discussed adding spacing adjustments as options in theme builder, but we don't have this in our plans at the moment.

I'll move this thread to the ideas space so others can vote on it so that will help us figure out where this request goes in our list of priorities.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

to further augment the idea of a timeline, the spacing options should include a time-related spacing option for dates. e.g. 1.1.21 - 1.3.21 - 1.9.21- 1.12.21 should be spaces according to the time passed between the events: 1.1.21 -- 1.3.21 - - - - -- 1.9.21--- 1.12.21 (here: each dash represents a month; a dash could also represent xxx years (for historic, geological events), year, day, hour, minute, seconds). in the storymap the storymap should be space or bullets between events.