Have swipe/spyglass story map template support more maps/layers

09-06-2013 09:28 AM
New Contributor III
It would be a nice to allow the ArcGIS Online swipe/spyglass story map template support more than two layers/maps.

There are two options.  First, you could allow both panes to change.  Second, you could have a fixed primary pane and a changeable secondary pane.  Neither the UI or the underlying logic is particularly complex.

For a fixed primary pane, you could add forward/back arrows to the spyglass oval or to the secondary map/layer pane.  These could be used to move through the available maps/layers.  The image below shows a quick mock-up of the idea.  The arrows are red just so they show up.


It would be simple to extend this idea to cover the other case.  Simply place forward/back arrows in both panes of the swipe, or in the background pane in addition to the spyglass.

In these designs the arrows simply iterate through the available maps/layers.  As part of configuration, you should allow the author to adjust the order of the list and select the starting items.

An alternative UI approach would be a pop-up menu that allows you to choose from available maps.  This could be a single small icon located on each pane (for the swipe view) or possibly two icons in the spyglass view.  There are other options as well.

One question would be whether to allow users to set both maps/layers the same, resulting in no meaningful swipe.  I would probably disallow this by simply skipping over maps/layers that were currently in use when the user goes through the switching process.  But that's a detail.

The key point is the ability for the user to switch between more than two maps/layers, allowing them to be presented with a variety of maps/layers to choose from.