GPS Location in Map Tour Storymap

06-18-2018 05:24 PM
Status: Closed
New Contributor II


Currently the "Find my Location" button in Map Tour Storymap does not function well with the mobile devices internal GPS.  The button reports first current location correctly, but does not update in a timely manner that would allow GPS navigation to a Map Tour point.  Recommend extending the "Find my Location" button functionality to include a continuous GPS location for mobile devices so a user can easily navigate to Tour points.  Functionality I am recommending would be similar to the Google Maps app where the GPS location is always on.

Thanks for the consideration,

Mike Bonk


There have long been StoryMap Walking Tours in the galleries.  I would love to see these tours improved by the use of GPS positioning for someone using the StoryMap to navigate a new area -- cultural sites, stores taking part in a sidewalk sale, rides at an amusement park, etc.  

Adding the ability to locate/track/follow someone on a mobile device would remove the need for them to know where they are, and help them find where they want to be.  For my purposes, this would take StoryMaps from the desktop to the street, connecting people with places.  

Status changed to: Closed

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