Browser's Title Bar or a Page's Tab Title Editing Possibilities

01-13-2022 08:15 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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At the time Browser's Title Bar is directly associated with the StoryMaps title. Sometimes we have situations when we do not use the StoryMaps title, for example using an image instead. In this case, StoryMaps Tab shows "Untitled story".

In my opinion, it would be good to have possibilities to edit the Page's Tab Title.


Status changed to: Under Consideration

Definitely support this idea, and should be implemented on all products that have a browser tab title/label.

In Content manager I like to give Apps/Experiences/Maps etc codified names that allow me to organise things properly, but that look downright odd as browser tab labels - how things work currently. 

Each App/Experience/Map etc should have an 'Alias' setting that, if set, determines what is displayed in the browser tab, allowing the tab to be set independently of the item name in content manager.  I've fiddled around in AGO-Assistant but can't see an obvious way to do it there. 


In August, we'll start using the title from the Share card settings for the browser tab title.

Status changed to: In Product Plan

Thanks Owen, that sounds positive.

On reading the linked page, the 'Share Card' solution seems to be restricted to Storymaps? If so, can I ask if a similar capability will be introduced to e.g. Dashboards or Experiences?

thanks, Neil


@NeilWebber -- That's correct, everything mentioned above applies to ArcGIS StoryMaps.

I don't have knowledge of this being added for other ArcGIS apps, but you can ask on their question or ideas boards here on the community. I'd imagine the use cases in which dashboards, experiences, or other apps might have no/different names might be very different from StoryMaps, so those app teams would each need to evaluate the value of this and prioritize it among their users' other needs.


Thanks Owen, I'll post something in the relevant communities.