Allow more than 100 points for Map Tour Blocks

05-19-2021 08:10 AM
Status: Implemented
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We are looking to share all projects that we've worked on and will be working on. We have more than 100 sites. I understand the idea of the Map Tour Block is that scrolling would be frustrating to scroll through 100 different sections, but we are using the Grid template of the Tour block. With this, the intent is that people would be interested in just the projects close to them and thus would only click on the points near them and wouldn't be scrolling through all projects. We are looking for a solution that has the option to have 5 pictures, and large blocks of text, AND is easy for non-GIS professionals to complete. With that, dashboards, web apps, and experience builders are not the right solution for us and is why we settled on StoryMaps. However, the limit of 100 points option means that it is not viable for us. 

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@KBERG_EGLE -- Thanks for sharing this idea. We will monitor it to see how many other people vote and comment on it.

Can you share what maximum number of points would meet your needs?

For now, one thing you could try is separating your points into multiple regions and making several different tours (all with <100 points). You could add all the tours to the same story and provide headings and story navigation to jump to each one, or you could create separate stories for each tour and add them to a collection.


@OwenGeo Unknown. The potential would be for this project to continue indefinitely with the goal to add sites as they come up (~20 per year). 


@OwenGeo Having the same problem.  We have several virtual byways with over 100 points.  In trying to convert them to the new StoryMap Map Tour format we learned that we were limited to 100 points.  For byways like ours, breaking them up into regions wouldn't make sense.  For now we will leave our virtual byways in the old format, but really hope that the point limit will increase for Map Tours.


@BridgetN FWIW, we've built an experience builder app/survey123 solution that basically replicates the story map but has pretty unlimited points. Create the fields you're interested in in the survey (and include a picture question!) and then use the layer from that survey to populate your experience builder. we have a map on the left and on the right, view 1 = list of the sites and view 2 = site details, so when a point on the map or the list is selected, the view 2 pops up with the details. When we make this public I'll share it here. It'd be a lot easier if Esri StoryMaps just increased their point limits, but this is a good hack.


In the Sept 8 release of ArcGIS StoryMaps, the limit for data-driven tours (tours created using a feature service) was increased.

The previous limit was 100 places. While the number of places initially shown in the tour remains at 100, there are two new options under Maximum places on the Filter & Sort tab to show 150 or 200 places.

For more information, see What’s new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (September 2021) (

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Status changed to: Implemented
Thank you!


There’s news for this post? Limit of 100 points is a great problem for my job


@Stefanobruscoli -- Yes there is news -- see the posts right above yours. :)