Add reload ability to any individual embedded element in StoryMap

11-25-2019 06:47 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It seems very necessary to be able to reload a specific embedded element on StoryMap (maps, scenes, operational Dashboards and so on) instead of reloading the entire StoryMap.



Hello - thanks for this idea. Could you provide a bit more information? Under what conditions do you find it necessary to reload a map or embedded app? Is this in the builder or when viewing a story?


Hi Owen Evans. I explain, imagine you have a cascade StoryMap that contain a number of elements like maps, operation dashboards, graphics and etc.  Then you open your StoryMap and go down through it but when you go back to the top of your StoryMap you will find out some basemaps broken and to see the broken basemaps you have to reload all the page. Due to this I proposed to be able to reload an individual element instead of the StoryMap.