Add a splash screen option to StoryMaps

12-11-2020 11:17 AM
Status: Under Consideration
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Allow a splash screen option similar to what exists in Web AppBuilder.

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This is a great idea. We are currently building more StoryMaps and would like to add a whole StoryMap splash disclaimer.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@GISTeam8 @Christian_Matthews -- Thanks for posting this idea. Can you provide more information as to why a splash screen is needed for a story and what type of information/formatting would be required (plain text vs. rich text, images, video, etc)? Is there a reason the disclaimer/notes need to be presented as a splash screen rather than added to the beginning of the story?


A splash screen hits you right in the face and isn't something public users might pass over if it was just text in a StoryMap.

I think the WAB splash screen is perfectly fine so whatever the format is there would be suitable.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Yep, I also agree! We use a work-around to the splash screen for our current story maps but it isn't ideal. We require our developers/authors to use splash screens on public applications (WAB apps) that feature our legal disclaimers and terms of use to the public. Its not uncommon for government agencies to have legal language to share with their users and a splash screen is a great way to do that. 


Hi @Koeller_Christine_A_-_DOT - could you share what your workaround is to add a splash screen for Story Maps? Thanks!