Ability to link in-text citations to credit section in StoryMaps

12-11-2020 11:56 AM
Status: Open
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A frequent request from our university community members that use StoryMaps is the ability to provide in-text citations hyperlinked to the credits section. This would be particularly useful for academic writing, class assignments, and research communication where in-text citations are common.

While the new navigation bar button for the credits section is a great improvement, it would be ideal if in-text citations could be linked directly to the credits section. 
by Anonymous User

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I recently stumbled on this StoryMap by @RossDonihue which demonstrates use of superscripts for citations with a link to an external website. If it was instead linked to the internal credits section, this would illustrate this idea. With the addition of  internal story links in the June 30th, 2021 update to StoryMaps, one work around is that a user could publish their StoryMap, grab the hyperlink for the credits section heading, return to edit mode, and add it to their in-text citations.