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How to create a link to somewhere else in your story

07-13-2021 06:48 AM
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A recent update to ArcGIS StoryMaps added the ability to copy a link that points to a story heading.

These links can easily be shared so you can direct a colleague or friend right to a specific section of a story, but you can also use these links to create internal story links.

In a future release, we plan to make it easier to create internal story links. For now, you can use this manual, but simple, process to create your own internal story links.

  1. Create and publish a story that uses headings to denote different story sections
  2. While viewing the story, hover over a heading and copy the heading link using the icon that appears to the left of the heading text
  3. Back in the story builder create a hyperlink or a button
  4. Paste the link copied from the viewer into the link field

Note that internal links will open in a new tab while you are using the builder, but they will simply jump/scroll the story to the correct location when viewing (or previewing) the story.

For more tips on how to use internal links, check out Add another dimension to your stories with heading links.

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