ArcGIS Runtime Toolkit for Qt v100.12 is live!

08-26-2021 05:58 AM
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Alongside our release of the Qt ArcGIS Runtime 100.12.0 SDK, I am excited to announce an update to our Qt open-source toolkit.

Especially noteworthy in this update are three new tools: BasemapGallery, OverviewMap and AuthenticationView for Widgets.

AuthenticationView for Widgets

The AuthenticationView is a popup dialog which will appear when an authentication challenge is detected,
allowing for the user to resolve the challenge (for example: by typing in a username and password).

The AuthenticationView has existed for a long time in our Qt Quick and QML offerings, and now in this release AuthenticationView is available to Widget developers.

To integrate the dialog in your application you need only initialize a new AuthenticationView, which will then automatically listen to all incoming authentication challenges. 



// Example code for Widget toolkit.

new Toolkit::AuthenticationView(this);

auto p = new Portal("", this);






AuthenticationView currently supports these kinds of challenge:

- ArcGIS Token (user credentials)
- HTTP Basic (user credentials)
- HTTP Digest (user credentials)
- IWA (user credentials)
- OAuth 2.0 (OAuth2)
- SAML (OAuth2)
- PKI (client certificate)
- SSL Handshake Warnings (ssl)

Overview map

The OverviewMap tool is a handy way to have a small, secondary MapView (sometimes called an "inset map") superimposed on an existing MapView/SceneView.



    // Example code for C++/Qt Quick toolkit

    MapView {
        id: view
        anchors.fill: parent
        focus: true

        OverviewMap {
            geoView: view
            width: 400
            height: 300
            anchors {
                right: parent.right
                margins: 10



Overview mapOverview map


Note that an OverviewMap combined with a SceneView does not show a bounding box but instead shows a reticle.

Overview map with sceneOverview map with scene

Both the reticle and bounding box are customizable in the API.

The OverviewMap tool is available for Qt QML, Qt Quick C++ and Qt Widgets.

Basemap Gallery

BasemapGallery is a new tool which allows a user to browse a set of basemaps and select one for display on the map.



    // Example code for QML toolkit.
    MapView {
        id: view
        anchors.fill: parent
        // set focus to enable keyboard navigation
        focus: true

        // add a map to the mapview
        Map { }

        BasemapGallery {
            id: basemapGallery
            anchors {
                left: view.left
                margins: 5



Basemap GalleryBasemap Gallery

By default, the BasemapGallery fetches and displays the new-style basemaps from AGOL, which require an API key. However, the developer is free to choose a different portal, or even set an entirely custom grid of basemaps.

BasemapGallery is available in QML and Qt Quick C++.


We hope you enjoy the new release! Let us know what you're building with it.