Another way to load MPK Files, several instances of RuntimeLocalServer.exe are loaded

01-22-2015 06:08 AM
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Hi everyone,

Actually we have some mpk files that are loaded in a WPF application using the  LocalMapService class  as follows:

For i = 0 To MyMpkFiles.Count - 1

LocalMapService.GetServiceAsync(MyMpkFiles(i).Path, Function(localMapService__1)

                                                                               _MapService = localMapService__1

                                                                               DataContext = Me

                                                                               Tag = "HQ"

                                                                               IsBusy = False

                                                                           End Function)


The problem for us is that for every Mpk file a RuntimeLocalServer.exe instance is loaded in memory. We have deployed that application in a Citrix Server, so for every user connection we have 3 instances of that local server running every time the map is loaded.


1) Is this a normal behavior or is due the way the mpks are loaded ?
2) Is there another way to load that files without having several instances of that service

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