Permissions required to create versioned replica

04-03-2017 07:30 AM
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I am trying to setup our system to use offline data from a versioned database using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.  This is my first attempt with 10.5 and the new licensing model.  What my testing reveals is that unless my offline user is assigned Level 2 - Administrator rights the replica version does not get created.  However, a replica does get created and downloaded, there is just no corresponding version.  In this case running a sync will fail (which is to be expected).  To be clear, a user assigned Level 2 - Publisher running a download does not create a version when the replica is created and downloaded.  I really find this strange, I would expect generating the replica to fail if the version did not get created.

In the case of the failure the message returned to the SyncGeodatabaseJob object ends with this:

Sending request get server sync job status.
Received response for get server sync job status.
Error while handling get server sync job status. Job error 400 .
Job failed. Job error 22 User defined failure. Error while handling get server sync job status. Job error 400 .‍‍‍‍

Also of note is that editing does work on the offline database, so no issue is observed until the sync process is run.

Software, etc:

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5

Datatbase: Version 10.3.1

Runtime: 100.0 - .Net

Login:  Uses IWA

Client OS: Windows 10

Server OS: Server 2012

Database: Sql Server 2012

Replica setup as per user

I believe that the same behavior is occurring in Collector but I am having other download issues in Collector after the 10.5 upgrade so cannot confirm 100%.

Obviously, I cannot have the field workforce assigned Level 2 - Administrator rights to our Portal, so this is pretty critical to understand.

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Hi Joe,

We'll need to investigate that one - and post back here when we have confirmation of the workflow and licensing.