Export to KML/Shapefile/File Geodatabase?

08-04-2015 07:43 AM
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Hello all,

Is there any way to export data from a .NET runtime application to KML, a shapefile, or a file geodatabase? If so, can you do it without server interaction?



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ok looks like I can use a Local Service and package up ArcGIS Desktop Geoprocessing Tools. That should solve the problem of exporting to shapefile and file geodatabase. But it doesn't say the export to KML tool is supported.

Any ESRI folks out there know if the Export to KML geoprocessing tool will be supported in the future?

I'm also curious if you can package up a Model composed of several GP tools and use it in .NET Runtime...


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Yes, you can use GP tools in conjunction with the LocalServer for Shapefile and File Gdb support.

Unfortunately we do not currently support the Layer to KML or Map to KML tools because these take a LYR file and MXD file respectively and we current;y cannot directly support those in the LocalServer. However, that is always under consideration and therefore i have added those GP tools to the list for possible inclusion in a future release of ArcGIS Runtime LocalServer.

Regarding the last question, yes you can package multiple GP tools in a Model into a single GPK and even multiple GP Models into a single GPK. It is really an architectural question, since each LocalGPService you create will spawn a process. Therefore it may depend on whether you want to create multiple local GP services and have some run concurrently. Consider the memory consumption of each process too.



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Hi Michael Branscomb

We are trying to achieve the same thing (export to KML), but as a workaround for another issue. We are not able to open the generated shapefiles in Google Earth (Pro) (v7.1.5.1557).

I have attached the shapefile and the Google Earth Pro error messages.

We parse the JSON to our GP Task that uses

arcpy.JSONToFeatures_conversion(input_file, temp_fc) and arcpy.FeatureClassToShapefile_conversion(temp_fc, output_folder) to create the shapefile.

The original JSON file is part of the shapefile.zip.

I sort of understand that you might consider this more of an issue for Google Pro Earth then for Esri, but perhaps something is going wrong in the conversion that is actually an Esri problem?

To workaround this issue i investigated the use of exporting the file as KML, but sadly this is not supported in Runtime.

btw: using Runtime for WPF

Greetings Bjorn

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