ArcGiSLocalTiledLayer visibility behavior question

04-30-2015 02:52 PM
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I have a Tile package that was built with the following defined scales:

(Max Scale) 1:16,000, 1:32,000, 1:64,000, ..., 1:2,048,000, 1:4,096,000 (Min Scale)

If I put this single tile package into my map, the layer will not show up if i change the map scale beyond the max/min scales. Fine...

I found that if I manually change the MinScale to 1:8,192,000, it will allow me to zoom out a beyond the built in scale (up to the specified MinScale).  However, this behavior only works to a certain point.  If I change the MinScale beyond 1:16,384,000 (4 times the min scale denominator), it will stops working.  I cannot figure out any way to get the map to display the tile beyond 1:16,384000 in this case.

We are experience this issue in our map where we use the same tile package for the main map and the overview map.  The overview map's scale is usually 6-8x the main map view, depending on its size and configuration.  The overview map changes its extent/scale as the main map is panned/zoomed.  This works fine in the low scale numbers... but as soon as we zoom all the way out, our overview map blanks out.

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