Geometry to shp for Arcgis pro

01-03-2020 05:42 AM
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we've created user inputted geometry using this

then we've tried to send the geometry.tojson() to our gis arcgis pro worker.

however he is unable to convert the json to a shp file on his arc gis pro.

thanks in advance.

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Hi. Are you asking for a programatic way to import the geometry JSON into ArcGIS Pro, or for a tool in ArcGIS Pro to read the geometry JSON? If the former, I think this question belongs in the ArcGIS Pro SDK place.

Programatically, perhaps start here.

It also looks like there's a JSON Import tool in ArcGIS Pro. See here.

But note that geometry.tojson() will only output the JSON for the geometry object, not a full feature. The ArcGIS Pro links above require full Featureset JSON - see here. You may need to process your geometry JSON into that format to import it.

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