ArcGIS Rest API - Webhooks using power automate and survey123 - "Error Code: 400 Invalid Query, No where Clause Specified"

02-27-2020 04:24 AM
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I am trying to follow the instructions in the link below to automatically update a layer after submitting a survey in Survey123.


I'm running into problems with the query operation using a get request. It seems like the API is not accepting my query input. I've tried with and without percent encoding but was told that power automate handles that portion (conflicting with the tutorial example). The error code returned in the body of the HTTP Get request is copied below, any insight on this would be much appreciated.

"error":{"code":400,"message":"Cannot perform query. Invalid query parameters.","details":["Unable to perform query. Please check your parameters.","No where clause specified."]}}


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Hi Chris,

Did you ever get this to work?

Im trying to do similar, but with this query:

For testing, I've made it simple and not used dynamic content in the query (other than my token).

For some reason, the query seems to work, but only returns metadata, i.e I only get a list of all the fields, but no data...

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I'm actually having trouble with this flow and cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong here.  maybe you can help. The flow we're trying to implement here is updating a parcels layer with from a damage assessment survey. We're using html  in the popups in the fieldworkers map to pass values automatically to the survey123 form to expedite the assessment process and mitigate data entry errors.


Main parcels layer (noneditable) (data) > surveyform > (power automate workflow updates 2nd parcels layer (editing enabled)


for the flow we only reference the 2nd parcels layer and are trying to use the HCAD number (Parcelid which is a string) to relate the submitted data to the target data. but we keep getting this error. Is it because the parcelids in the form and 2nd layers are strings? or am i missing something else?


We got this flow from this blog post "Webhooks, Microsoft Flow and the ArcGIS Rest API – Automating Your Web GIS

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HI David,

Im definitely not an expert with this, but some how managed to get it to work in my flow.

A few things I did with mine - I removed the '+3D', it didn't seem to do anything (at least not something I could see).

Not sure if your URI is correct, should read ...?where=HCAD_NUM= '@{triggerOutputs()?['YourDATA']}'&...

With the above, Im not sure if single quote marks are required, but they seemed to fix the issue that occurs if you are trying to pass a character (/@#$%).

Not sure if this is correct, hopefully someone that knows more comes along.

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