Take photo toggle button missing from data design tab

04-29-2021 11:23 PM
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Hi QuickCapture community,  I published a feature layer for use with Field Maps that includes the ability to attach a photo.  This map works well in Field Maps, allowing a photo to be attached to a polygon. 

The problem is that when I created a QuickCapture map version, the option to attach a photo is absent from the Data design tab, so polygons can be mapped but no option for photos. Step 16 in these instructions does not appear on the button data design tab https://doc.arcgis.com/en/quickcapture/help/exercisefromscratch.htm 

Any clues to what I have missed?

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Hi Steve

QuickCapture only supports adding attachments to point features. Not lines or Polygons. This is because it is not clear where the photo should be taken - i.e the start / middle / end of the line. Additionally, we wanted to keep the capture workflow quick!

Could you share more about your requirements and how you would expect it work in QuickCapture? We can look at this as a potential enhancement.


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Understand, thanks @JohnathanHasthorpe - for the quick response.  We will just tell staff to use Field Maps if they want to append an image.  Was just making sure I had not made a mistake. 


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