Quick Capture : collect for Workfoce issue : status is null... but not really

03-23-2022 03:20 AM
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I used this blog topic https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/workforce/field-mobility/workforce-quickcapture-creating-a... to create my first QuickCapture App to collect assignements .

Great !

But i encountered a strange error on ArcGIS Enterprise, each time i send a quick capture, i have an insert error on the status field that i am sure to set to Unassigned (value 0) in arcgis server mabager log.

In fact, it was the workforce changed in 2021 with disconnected mode and now it use GlobalID of assignement type and not his value...

So if you put in Quick Capture the GlobalID in the Assignement Type field, it's running !

Crazy !

Maybe the quickcapture team can optimize this point no ?

@Kylie what do you think about this ?




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Hi Remy - I think it would be best to raise a support ticket to help troubleshoot this issue.

The status field is an integer field with domains applies. So as long as you are submitting a value ranging from 0 to 6 from QuickCapture, you should not have an issue.



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