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08-19-2020 02:38 AM
Esri Contributor

When mapping longer lines - is there some way to specify that data should be sent regularly along the way and not just when the entire stretch has been mapped. Eg that you set a maximum line length (or time-based)? This is especially interesting when using QuickCapture in connection with winter plowing of roads and the public want to see the progression along the way.

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Hi Tore,

You can see the data capture progress directly in the mobile app: set up a web map that contains the feature layers where the data submit to for the QuickCapture project, this can be done by The data will be sent when it's being captured, this means a line feature cannot be sent if it's still capturing/drawing. If your workflow accepts segments of lines are accepted, you can continuously capture line segments and sent them away, but this will ends up adding lots of lines to the feature layer. Let me know if you have further questions.



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Another approach is to use streaming points. These points can be uploaded as they are captured if you set the auto-send frequency in the app to every 30 seconds or immediately. Viewers of the map could then see the breadcrumbs representing where the snowplow has been. You could apply filters to the layer in the web map so that only points for a given time period are displayed.

To do this you would need to use a point layer instead of a line. But in the app the behavior is the same as a line, i.e. you press the button once to start capturing and then again to end. This way the driver would not have to look at the app when driving.

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