Convert QuickCapture Latitude and Longitude

12-07-2022 04:23 AM
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How to convert ArcGIS Online Quick Capture Latitude and Longitude coordinates to a projected X and Y coordinates?

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ArcGIS QuickCapture will store your XY coordinates in whatever spatial reference is set in your layer. For example, if your feature layer is using a projected coordinate system, ArcGIS QuickCapture will store your geometries in that projection.  If your feature layer uses EPSG:4326, all geometries will go with that...

The Latitude and Longitude device variables allow you to ALSO store the Lat / Lon values as GIS attributes in your layer.

If your layer is on lat/lon and you want to extract the XY values in a projected coordinate system of your choice, you can use the Project tool.   This Esri Tech Support article may also be of help: 

Hope it helps.

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