Multilingual QuickCapture projects

09-10-2021 12:23 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

The addition of an option (similar to for Survey123) to make the project content  (button labels, group titles, descriptions, etc.) multilingual would be a big plus for us.

We work in a multilingual environment - that relates to our staff at HQ and to staff or local organisations abroad. Up until now, we have worked with English and in most cases that is ok. However, as things get more detailed and as we work more with local staff in countries around the globe, an option to allow them to chose a language they understand or are more at ease with is becoming more important (as opposed to the option of duplicating a project).
1) staff we deploy from HQ already have a variety of mother tongues. English is the compromise but French, German, Spanish and later other languages such as Arabic, Thai, etc.) will be required.
2) we sometimes involve staff from local NGOs as part of our field missions and English often isn't a feasible option.
3) To be response ready, we'd ideally like to have a template ready in English with the option to add 1-n translations as required.