Add an option to Watermark Photos in QuickCapture

02-26-2021 07:09 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Please add an option to watermark photos with date and/or time to photos taken using QuickCapture field applications.  

This would be a great option to see in the QC designer page.

Use Case: In my line of work, having a watermarked photo with the date the photo was taken is required for some of our regulatory documentation.  We are able to add a watermark during post-processing, however if watermarking was an option in the designer page for our photos, we would have one less step in our post-processing and the photos would be ready to use as soon as their collected.


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Hi, can you solved? I Search more information, but the QuickCapture  page talk about the settings for cameraInfo, but not have this option. (

Is possible use JSON for configure more option in QuickCapture?