Use of TabControl within TabItem in ArcGIS Pro

04-15-2021 07:13 AM
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I'm about to convert an application that used to run under ArcMap, and the form of that application does contain TabControl within TabItem.  I'd like to do the same type of interface under ArcGIS Pro, but when I look at the samples, the only one that seems to do the job is the one about the custom catalog (

But, in that case it's trying to emulate the Catalog pane and from what I can understand, the styling for the TabControl is not supported in ArcGIS Pro.

So the question is:  Can I still use regular WPF TabControl within ARCGIS Pro or will I be heading into major problem?  If the problem is only a question of styling, it's not a major problem in my case.

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You can use all WPF controls without problems. In other hand it would be nice when third party tools looks like native UI. I would recommend for your case to use Esri style control like in picture below:


They use ListBox with their own style  Esri_ListBoxPanelIndicator. More info here: 

You can use sample you found (CustomCatalog).

P.s You can open and windows forms from ArcGIS Pro. It is not good solution, looks different, can.t work with different themes, but it fast solution to migrate from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. We use that way for very complicated dialogs for faster product delivery.