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04-08-2019 06:54 PM
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I have to build an add-in for ArcGIS Pro, I know that I have to use Pro SDK. But for start up I need an exe file that initiate a process to ask for required layer files to be loaded, when I give the files these files automatically open in ArcGIS Pro within a new map project.

What should I do for this? I can make an add-in but how do I make an exe file that starts ArcGIS Pro on click? does the Runtime SDK supports this kind of functionality?

P.S: I am doing this on C# platform using VS 2017.

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Hello Jaewon - 

It sounds like an ArcGIS Pro "Configuration" might fit your needs. 

Please see the following: 

ProConcepts - Configurations 

ProGuide - Configurations 

Good Luck! 

+ bill 

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Thanks, Bill

I will try this and I would like to bother you if further help required.

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Hi Jaowon,

You should create a Pro Configuration. This is similar to an add-in but it allows you to customize Pro's start-up experience. Using a Configuration you will be able to show a custom start page when the application launches. In this custom start page, you can display a control to list your layers.  When the layers are selected, you can initialize a Pro session - a New Map in your case - with the layers selected.

Here are some links that can get you started with this:

1. ProGuide: Configurations

2. ProConcepts: Configurations

3. Configuration Samples:



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Thanks, Uma

I will try this and I would like to bother you if further help required.

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