How to deploy a configuration to a machine instead of a user

04-12-2019 12:09 AM
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The documentation tells me how I have to deploy a configuration file for a user by putting it into the user directory. But what if I want to have it for all users on a machine? I do not want to deploy it in all user folders.

Is there a different folder where configurations could be deployed or am I able to define a custom folder for this?

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Hello Max - 

The documentation you referenced suggests that Configurations can be located in a "well-known folder", just like Add-Ins. So, you should be able to locate your Configuration file in such a directory, perhaps a secure, shared network directory, for use by your intended users. 

For ArcGIS Pro Add-ins, you can define a "well-known folder" using the Backstage > Add-In Manager > Options resource. 

Good Luck! 

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Here is the registry key to set in order to define Configurations well known folders for all users on the machine:

Configuration Folders

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